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2008 FILMS

Feature Films   Documentaries   Short Films   Kids   Student FilmFest

Feature Films:

Trade (120 min.) - Viewer discretion is advised. Some content not suitable for younger audiences.
When 13-year-old Adriana is kidnapped by sex traffickers in Mexico City, her 17-year-old brother, Jorge, sets off on a desperate mission to save her. Inspired by Peter Landesman's chilling NY Times Magazine story on the U.S. sex trade, "The Girls Next Door," Trade is a thrilling story of courage and a devastating expose of one of the world's most heinous crimes.
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Diner (110 min) - Featuring Steve Guttenberg!
A group of college-age buddies struggle with their imminent passage into adulthood in 1959 Baltimore by going to the same spot they've gone to since their youth - a local diner.
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Young@Heart (109 min.)
Over the last 25 years, there has existed a group of senior citizens living in Northampton, Massachusetts, who refuse to let age and ill health get them down. Young@Heart is a documentary based on the lives of the current singing group of 24 senior citizens, brought to the big screen by British filmmaker, Stephen Walker, who saw their performance in London.
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Farming for the Future: Farm Life on Long Island (60 min.)
Ron Rudaitis
Documentary that celebrates the three hundred year old family farmer way of life, examining the challenges of farming in suburbia and exploring solutions that can hep farmers remain on the land.

Short Films:

Golden Wagon Film Festival Selection:

Second Guessing Grandma (10 min)
Bob Giraldi
Set in 1982, the simple, true-life story of an important week in the life of a twenty-something gay man who finally comes out to his beloved grandmother in the Jersey City house he was raising in following mounting pressure from his mother and boyfriend not to do so.

Presented by the BeFilm Underground Film Festival:

Art of Stalking (12mins)
Amitabh Klemm
A protective but misguided young man who, feeling that he object of affection is in danger, takes matters into his own hands.

Pralines (12 min)
Yaelle Kayam
A mother's constant nagging about her daughter's eating habits strains their relationship until the daughter makes a shocking discovery.

My 13 (10mins)
Rudi Rosenberg
A young boy attempts to become close with his first crush and inadvertently reveals his best friend's secret.

The Wednesdays (13 min.)
Conor Ferguson
Two pensioners manage to reignite the love they'd almost forgotten about. Unfortunately, soon the law comes knocking at their door.

Red Wagon Kids Film Fest:

(intended for audiences of all ages)

Sponsored by:


Due to its overwhelming success, the Red Wagon Kids Film Fest has been greatly expanded this year to include a 45 minute program for young children (under 12) followed by our first ever student film festival. The younger program features animated and live-action films made by independent filmmakers for a young audience. GWFF has partnered with the Brooklyn International Kids Film Fest to bring young people some of the greatest new short films made especially for them. We are also very excited to introduce a venue for student filmmakers with part 2 of this year's Red Wagon Kids Film Fest. Working with the Suffolk County Film Commission's First Exposure Film Festival, we have selected the top films from student filmmakers across Suffolk County to bring you the very best animations, claymations, docs, narratives, and PSA's.

Younger Program
Starts at 11:00 AM

Sponsored by The Brooklyn International Film Festival

Don't Smash (3 min.)
Tom Eaton
Monkey and Bunny go on an adventure in a house of cards, but when Bunny makes a hasty decision she learns a valuable lesson.

The Dark (2 min.)
Thy Than
After being tucked into bed, a little girl is left alone in her dark bedroom. Too afraid to go to sleep, the little girl finally discovers what is really hiding in the dark.

Ruby Who? (6 min.)
Hailey Bartholomew
Ruby Who? is sweet and innocent story of a little girl's adventure in re-discovering her identity.

Maggie and Mildred (4 min.)
Holly Klein
Maggie and Mildred hae been friends their entire lives. Well, at least one of their lives.

La Lune (7 min)
Kyung Hee Shon
A couple discovers there is more to the unique world that they live in.

Thom Cat (7 min.)
Mike Gray
A talking cat named Thom uses one of his genius inventions to take on a neighborhood bully who taunts his new friend Melissa.

Aliens (2 min.)
Ryan Woodward
Indiana Woodward, a 4-year-old girl, tells it how it is to be an alien in a world where robots are their friends that keep dogs from chewing their legs off.

Herbert the Chameleon (5 min.)
Aven Fisher
An eager chameleon pays his first visit to the iMax cinema hoping to experience the wonders of popcorn and the big screen 3D adventure.

Dear Fatty (7 min.)
Hsin-I Tseng
Fatty the hampster meets lots of animals during her travels and learns about the outside world.

Student Film Festival
Starts at 12:15

Sponsored by Suffolk County Film Commission's First Exposure Series

The Delivery (2 min)
Colin McCoy
In this animated short, a goofball named Hopkins must overcome a pack of dogs and other obstacles to prove to his boss that he is not a screw-up.

Don't Use Your Friends (1 min.)
Amanda Plunkett
A performance piece in which a teen learns what happens when you take advantage of your friends.

Domestic Violence PSA (1 min.)
Matt Fairbanks
A PSA encouraging women to speak out when they become victims of abuse.

Better Than Fine (3 min.)
A high school big shot is both loved and hated by everyone. No one can decide whether they want to be him or never see him again. What is it about him that makes him so cool and so…uncool?

Not Another Zombie Movie (2 min.)
Peter Collazo, James Kingdon, Peter Darnaud, Colin Causeman, Bill Fischer
In this animated short, a normal night for two friends turns into a race to stay alive when zombies show up at their door.

Lakota (2 min.)
Cody Blue Snider
In this trailer created for a feature film, a Native American woman is taken from her husband. A white man must fight his people and hers to return her safely to her home.

The Corner Pet Shop (10 min.)
Tucker Costello
This claymation short reveals the exciting life animals live when the pet shop owner goes home for the night.

Puzzled (3 min.)
Michael Ferris & Brian Romanelli
A young man experiences the unexpected when he realizes the puzzle he's working on is no ordinary puzzle.

Roto-Ball (2 min.)
Mrs. Swan's Huntinton High Video Production Class: Jeff Green, Sebastian Norgaard, Amanda Plunkett,Dan Lobasso, Luke Reigot, Connor Pufahl, Jesse Kitzen
A magical ball travels the world and takes part in many people's adventures.

Kids These Days (8 min.)
Justin Davidson, Anthony Giangrasso, Tom Guarnieri, Amber Wright, & Hanane Zayer
When Janine is involved in a freak scooter accident, everyone has a difficult time adjusting, even the tough guys – what good is pasta if there's no Janine?

Always Ready (4 min.)
Herbie Gilman
Always Ready" is the U.S. Coast Guard's motto. We learn how they stay ready to save lives by spending time with the Montauk Coast Guard in this documentary by eleven year old Herbie Gilman.