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2006 FILMS

Golden Wagon winner: Rain in a Dry Land by Anne Makepeace

Silver Wagon winner: Who Gets to Call it Art? By Peter Rosen

Bronze Wagon winner: Zahira's Peace by Nina Rosenblum

People's Choice winner for feature length film: 9/12: From Chaos to

People's Choice winner for short film: Zombie-American by Nick Poppy



Anna and The Soldier - Narrative Short

Dir. Christian Prettin

The 18-year old Italian girl Anna is haunted by her past. In 1944 she lost her family in a massacre by the German Wehrmacht. When one of the soldiers returns six years later, the moment of revenge has come...


Who Gets To Call It Art? - Documentary Feature

Dir. Peter Rosen

Henry Geldzahler, an art historian fresh out of Yale and Harvard, enters the New York scene in 1960, the year JFK was elected. These were optimistic and exciting times. Artists, living in cheap downtown lofts were breaking from the influence of Europe and Abstract Expressionism. Something entirely new was happening. Something purely American.


Zombie-American - Documentary Short

Dir. Nick Poppy

Glen likes to read, do crosswords, and play basketball. He's on the lookout for a girlfriend. Oh, and one other thing - Glen is a Zombie-American. A plea for tolerance and acceptance, this educational documentary will help audiences understand some of the challenges zombies face in our society.


Made in India? - Documentary Feature

Dir. Deepti Paul

Meet Deepti Paul. She is 27 years old – Indian – and it’s time to get married. That’s what her parents and extended family think. Her family believes that Deepti’s only chance at lasting happiness lies in marrying a South Indian Orthodox Syrian Christian male. And of course, every relative knows just the right guy for her. And guess what- she has consented to go to India and give their traditional values a chance. But only on one condition –she gets to document the entire process.


Photomateurs - Narrative Short

Dir. Pascal Tosi

1952, a very strange photo camera. It makes it possible to steal reality.
But the pictures rebel against the photographer...
Who will win ? The pictures or the photographer ?


Adios Papitas Fritas - Narrative Short

Dir. David Appelbaum

An old man recounts the first twenty-five years of his life, from his tragic childhood to meeting his great love.


Zahira: La Que Florece - Documentary Feature

Dir. Nina Rosenblum

The story of a young woman who was gravely injured in the Madrid train attack of March 11, 2004, her boyfriend and her family as they face the tragedy of collateral damage in the midst of the dramatic forces that impacted the world in response to M-11. 'An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.' - Mahatma Gandhi


Ten Souls Rising - Narrative Short

Dir. Emily Rosdeitcher

Eight New Yorkers and two French tourists become intimately acquainted when they get trapped together in an elevator in a New York City skyscraper. Mayhem ensues as the passengers have trouble dealing with each other and with their own anxieties.


Wilderness Within - Narrative Short

Dir. Vangelis Maderakis

On a small Greek island in the early 1900's, a wild orphan boy falls in love with the village mayor's daughter, despite the differences in their social status. He kidnaps her one night, and makes her his wife in an ancient, moonlit olive grove by the sea. This is their poignant love story.


9/12: From Chaos to Community- Documentary Feature

Dir. Susanna Styron

A portrait of a scrappy group of New Yorkers who made the immediate decision to put down what they were doing and volunteer at Ground Zero. Using vibrant footage, emotional interviews, and archival photography, the film reveals the city within a city that was Ground Zero as it explores the relationships this diverse group of people formed among themselves and with the recovery workers they cared for. The unfolding story charts how their paths crossed and their lives were transformed as they transcended politics to help heal their city and themselves.


If there were no Lutherans… Would There Still Be Green JELLO® - Documentary Short

Dir. Gayle Knuston

One man. One sign. One hell of an impact. See how a wacky, offbeat Lutheran pastor changes his corner of the world... and the local traffic pattern....one church yard sign at a time.


The Virgin of Juarez-Narrative Feature

Dir. Kevin James Dobson

Inspired by actual events in Juarez Mexico, where over three hundred women have been murdered. The story recounts Mariela’s struggle to bring attention to unsolved and continuing crimes. Mariela becomes known as The Virgin Of Juarez. A Latino Joan of Arc.


Ariana – Narrative Short

Dir. M.Sandoval & Shashi Balooja

Dr. Abbas Imad, Grandma Ariana, and Abbas' lover Karl, re-define life, love and relationships when Grandma's erratic behavior proves not to be what it seems.


Across the Hall-Narrative Short

Dir. Alex Merkin

A quiet night takes a dangerous turn when Julian receives a frantic phone call from his best friend, Terry, who claims to have followed his unfaithful fiancée to a seedy hotel on the other side of town. To make matters worse, he’s staked out the room across the hall from her, gun in hand. Julian pleads with his friend to stay put while he rushes to avert disaster. But is Terry truly as desperate as he seems?


Rain in a Dry Land- Documentary Feature

Dir. Anne Makepeace

Rain in a Dry Land is a riveting portrait of families in transition. After thirteen years in refugee camps, two Somali Bantu families arrive in twenty-first century America, a world as strange to them as the moon. Their poetry, humor, and amazing resilience show us our own world through new eyes.


The Good Mother - Narrative Feature

Dir. Steve Antin

After losing both parents to a horrible accident, 16 year old Abby and her little brother Ethan move in to their new Foster home. At first glance it seems their lives have finally taken a turn for the better when they meet their two new beautiful Foster parents, Eve and Raymond Goode.