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2005 FILMS

Beat The Drum - A young orphan leaves his African village to save it from a mysterious illness.

Witches In Exile - Following women accused of witchcraft in Gahna through their daily struggle to survive. As government agencies attempt to abolish this age-old tradition, these women find themselves caught between their society¿s deeply rooted beliefs and its drive toward modernization.

Blues By The Beach - Filmmakers are at a beachfront blues bar in Israel when a suicide bomber explodes.

Perla: Last Of The Seven Dwarfs - An almost unimaginable question: What if the Seven Dwarfs met infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele?  As fantastical as it sounds, this actually happened and is part of the remarkable life story of two-and-a-half-foot tall Perla Ovitz and the Troupa Lilliput, her family of seven singing & performing dwarfs.

Colorblind - Scattered to the winds by the 1967 Detroit riots, an unusual group of almost all-white, 1960s, grade school classmates reunite at age 46, and discover how each of their lives had been profoundly impacted by their beloved African American teacher, Mr. Bell.

Leisurama - A second home for the middle class family for $12,000 fully furnished? Introducing the Leisurama house! Leisurama is a story of ambition, creative marketing and a post-war nation searching for peace and diversion on the home front.

Race For Glory: The Story of Drill Team Racing - Drill Team Racing is an exciting athletic event having roots in the early days of New York City firefighting. What started out as brutal races between fire departments to get "first water" on an actual fire has evolved into a technically advanced, extremely intense competition between New York volunteer fire departments.

Lutkoski Fishsticks - The Depression of Weighty Consequences coincided with the worst housing shortage in the history of New Baltimore, forcing many workers to move into their factories as tenants. Set against this fantastic backdrop is the story of Otto, a hapless employee of the decrepit Lutkoski Fishsticks factory who must dodge the wrath of his ill-tempered employer and conquer a monstrous foe to win the heart of a beautiful coworker.

Tahara - TAHARA depicts the harsh reality of female genital mutilation on the psyche of Amina who must decide if she will submit to family pressure to circumcise daughter.

Pee Shy - A boy becomes so frightened by his scout leader's campfire stories that he humiliates himself one night, and becomes the object of the scout leader's vicious humor....until the troop encounters something truly terrifying in the woods.

Myron - For 30 years MYRON JANSKY has leepwalked through life. In one day’s time, he will be run over by a truck and killed. MYRON takes us through his final day, a day in which the tide of his lackluster existence turns, and he experiences a taste of the desires, dreams, loves, and aspirations that his life has so sorely lacked.

Pillowfighter - It has been largely forgotten that the greatest spectator sport of the 1890s was Professional Pillowfighting. Documentary chronicles the life of 1890s Pillowfight Champion Big Jack Bolster, whose fortunes rose & fell with those of the sport he loved.

SmartCard - Smartcard is a story about a man who realizes that his perfect automated life is not in his control, but the corporation that created the system. After the discovery, does he have the will left to escape?

The Story of Calvin Stoller: Last Abstract Expressionist - The story of a tortured abstract artist who is searching to find himself in his work.

Flyaway - A little wooden plane, despite the price it must pay, does the impossible and joins a world it could only dream of.

Cotillion - Thirteen-year-old, GEORGE ANDERSON falls in love with his buxom, golden-haired, dance teacher, MISS TIFFANY. Swept away by his fantasies of love he decides to ask her to marry him, only to discover that Miss Tiffany is not all he imagined her to be.

Dancing With You - Dana, an injured ballerina, must decide whether to keep mourning her lost career or move on, when a man in a bar asks her to dance with him. 'Dancing With You' is a love story with both swing dance and ballet sequences, filmed in New York, and starring principal dancers Jenifer Ringer and James Fayette of New York City Ballet.

Trout Creek

Legion - Jessie is a college student whose girlfriend has just been murdered. One day, he takes a walk into the woods and into a deep dark tunnel seeking solace from the pain of his loss. He soon discovers that the journey he's on will reveal who killed his girlfriend....but will not allow him to escape.

Firefighter - After 9/11, NYC Firefighter Kenny Ruane finds his strong beliefs challenged until a fire rescue frees him from his guilt and he's able to return home to his family.

THE GNAT AND THE LION - Director, Burke Higgins, Toly Prohl (3:49) - The gnat and the lion duke it out in a comedic take on the classic Aesop’s fable.

KYLIE GOLDSTEIN, ALL AMERICAN - Director: Eva Saks (2:00) - Kylie Goldstein was born in China…now she's part of an American family.

BIBI - Director: Lola Kamalova / Bek Shakirov (6:37) - This story is about Bibi, an adventurous little girl full of ideas. She always wants to grow up, explore and go places. Her curiosity always gets her into different adventures.

BUBBLEMAN - Director: Karil Daniels (4:59) - This performance piece feature Sterling Johnson, a Bubble Artist, who creates whimsical and fascinating bubble art using a simple soap mixture and his hands alone. Images are accompanied by an original music track by Tom Romero.

THE BOY WITH THE UPSIDE DOWN SMILE - Director: John Hansen (2:30) - An alien boy who doesn't fit in seeks acceptance.

JANIE and JEROME: STARTING SCHOOL -  Director: Eric Weil (2:00) - 'Janie and Jerome: Starting School' is the latest in Sesame Workshop's award-winning series of animated adventures featuring spirited preschooler Janie, her beloved teddy bear, Jerome, and Janie's vivid, slightly surreal dreams. In this story, Janie discovers what the first day of school is really like: a playdate!

GOPHER BROKE -  Director: Jeff Fowler (4:18) - Gopher Broke tells the tale of a cunning rodent’s smashing encounter with a produce truck on a lonely country road.

PINGU'S BOUNCY FUN -  Director: Kevin Walton (5:00) - Pingu is bouncing on everything in the igloo. from his bed to the arm chairs and even Pinga's favorite toy. Mother tells him to calm down, and goes out with Pinga, leaving Father to help Pingu tidy up. Father knows that it can be fun to bounce, so he and Pingu decide to build a trampoline. But Pingu soon realizes that he is going to need a crash helmet!

WHAT ROBOTS BEAR - Director Natt Thangvijit (1:30) - A robot programmed to destroy the city meets an unlikely obstacle along the way.

ENERGY - Director: Eva Saks (3:00) - Should you feed your car a banana? A comic short about kids' health.

ROBOTMAN VS OCHOMONSTER - Director: Anthony Kern (5:50) - Robot Man, the world’s first construction paper superhero, battles the Gulf of Mexico’s infamous Ochomonster in this epic short film from Uncle Tony!

THE ZIT - Director: Mike Blum (4:45) - A small tale about a giant pimple.

MAKING FIENDS - Episode 3, Director, Amy Winfrey (3:00) - Charlotte just wants to make friends while the sinister Vendetta makes fiends in her laboratory.  Vendetta terrorizes the entire school with her motley crew of fiends. Charlotte always manages to escape harm thanks to her sweet disposition.

DAIKON ASHIA - Director: Ru Kuwahata (1:30) - Daikon Ashiâ is a Japanese term that means legs that look like white radish. The main character starts off poking fun at her mothers Daikon Ashi. Before long, this character realizes that she too is going to grow up and look exactly like her mother, Daikon Ashiâ and all.