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2004 FILMS

Touching the Void (106 mins – Feature) – directed by Kevin Macdonald
Disaster faced two mountain climbers while climbing the 21,000 feet Siula Grande mountain in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. When one climber breaks his leg, how does the other climber handle the challenge?

JIHAD! (110 mins – Drama) – directed by Muhammed Rum
The personal struggles of Ed, a Palestinian-American living in pre-9/11 New York City, as reflected through the lives of his friends and family.

Rolling (71 mins – Doc) – directed by Gretchen Berland
Using video cameras, Galen Buckwalter, Vicki Elman and Ernie Wallengren spent 18 months documenting their lives; all from wheelchairs. “Rolling” depicts the struggle to maintain independence with dignity; from the perspective of three feet off the ground.

Girl Wrestler (57 mins – Doc) – directed by Diane Zander
Tara is 13. She likes to go to the mall… and she wrestles boys. On her journey to the national championships, she battles critics who believe girls shouldn’t wrestle boys; she struggles with her father’s drive for her to succeed; and she fights with her own body to control her weight.

80 Pine (10 mins) – directed by Brennan Shrott and Paul S. Myers
An unemployed husband suspect’s foul when his wife appears to be suddenly pregnant. His free time proves devastating as he begins to uncover a mystery that may have a much simpler solution than he thinks.

Perils in Nude Modeling (10 mins) – directed by Scott Rice
On the verge of expulsion, a hapless student must decide between life-long ambition and love when an audacious nude model makes a dangerous demand in the middle of a prestigious art school drawing class.
On the Road for Christmas (5 mins) – directed by Daniel M. Kanemoto
On Christmas Eve, a lonely snowman aims his 18-wheeler big rig towards the North Pole and puts the petal-to-the-metal!
Driving While Black (10 mins) - directed by Garland McLaurin
Troubled by racial profiling, a former cop, John Vann, takes matters into his own hands. His solution, the DWB instructional video, an unusual educational strategy for black motorists. (satire)

Of Wanderlust (16 mins) – directed by Frederic Colier
Since the death of their child, Griz and Regan have become estranged. Griz grows suspicious of Regan and her way of grieving—venturing outside the matrimonial bond. Riddled with his own guilt, Griz is propelled to act, only to be ensnared in a scheme far worse than he could have imagined.
Size Matters (10 mins)  – directed by Eric Juhola
A young girl is sent to Fat Camp where she rebels the only way she can – by eating – and before long, the whole camp gets involved.